I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, and comic artist from Coney Island. I spend a good portion of my time walking to the Brooklyn Public Library where I go to pick up the maximum amount of books I can take out. 

I borrow and appreciate the design layouts of books, covers, and illustrations. When I'm not reading or getting inspiration from art books/comics/graphic novels, I draw. I have an ink bottle collection that I have been known to spill on light-color carpets.

I'm interested in the intersection of illustration, photo, and design. I love to be included in all stages of design process. From sketching out ideas, having conversations, to making a lot, a lot, a lot of iterations. 

I  swoon at the very sight of Victorian-era artwork and antique objects. This coupled with my interest in grunge design’s hallmark of subtle imperfection can be easily identified in my work.

Clients include The New York Times, Catapult, BUST, Macmillan Audio, DIY, Lithium, the Pure App, and others!

photo credit: Sage Finkle

December 2020 - Present
MACMILLAN AUDIO    Freelance Graphic Designer 
Reformatting book covers to audiobook size, organizing files on the team Google Drive, choosing photos to license on Shutterstock, creating promotional ads, graphics, and illustrations for social media
September 2020 - December 2020 
MACMILLAN AUDIO    Design Intern 
Reformatted book covers to audiobook size and created graphics and illustrations for social media
May 2020 - Present
BUST MAGAZINE    Design Intern
Creating graphics and illustrations for the magazine, website, and social media. Researching and corresponding with illustrators to commission for the magazine, and contacting publicists for books to review in the magazine

July 2020 - Present
LITHIUM MAGAZINE    Contributor 

Contributing illustrations to accompany articles in the online magazine

2014 - Present

Previously published in Catapult, Literary Hub, BUST, United Kingdom-based magazine DIY,  Lithium, and the Pure App

August 2019 - May 2020
PURCHASE COLLEGE    Graphic Design Lab Monitor 
Managed Purchase College's computer lab, assisted students with printing and design issues

August 2018 - November 2018
BOOKSTR    Design Intern 
Managed Bookstr's social media and created Instagram posts and stories

2014 - 2017
BROOKLYN MUSEUM    Assistant Instructor 
Assisted students in sculpting and screen printing classes
September 2019
Showed large-scale painting and etching at the Fall Salon Show

Awarded the Presidential Scholarship twice in oil painting and portfolio development

Graphic Design B.F.A
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